Tuesday, April 29, 2003


My art emerges without any deliberate intention.  
Not a single stroke is foreseen.  
All are dictated by immediate impulses  
the faintest tremblings of signals  
coming from the depth of my being.  
What proceeds is the gradual emergence  
and recording of unpremeditated imagery.  
This is a mode of expression  
that fully satisfies the eye  
by achieving rhythmic unity.  
What counts is the spontaneous, the impulsive.  
My drawings become what they are.  
Like poetry the lines, the forms rhyme  
and strive to become animated.  
All is constantly changing as it is being created  
and when it is over it goes on changing and living  
according to the state of mind and perception  
of whatever... whoever is looking at it.  
I am not merely the executor of my art  
I live my work!  


Thursday, April 24, 2003

A point of view is a serious liability in aproaching the hereafter.

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